When I was asked to guest-edit this special issue on paediatric orthopaedics, I thought it would bebest to introduce this topic through a specific approach of a lifetime experience.Those of us who became orthopaedic surgeons, showed very early in medical school a particularinterest in functional anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, as well as normal and abnormal bone and joint mechanics. Understanding the musculoskeletal system and its anomalies couldn’t be possible without a three-dimensional (3D) approach of a part and/or the entire system. “Paediatric Ortho- paedics” adds to this 3D approach a fourth dimension related to growth, an element of utmost impor- tance while evaluating a musculoskeletal disorder and planning its treatment in a child.When compared to adult orthopaedics, the management of musculoskeletal disorders in childreninvolves a wide range of disciplines such as genetics, embryopathology, biomechanics, orthopaedics, general paediatrics, oncology, obstetrics and gynaecology, metabolic and endocrine diseases, skeletal dysplasias, neurology, etc. Paediatric orthopaedic surgeons around the globe are trained to acquire a mind-set compatible with this specificity.The care of children with musculoskeletal disorders in Lebanon and the Middle East has evolvedduring the past decades, gaining more and more interest, leading to the development of the speciality to an international level. Despite the suboptimal political and socioeconomic situation in Lebanon, chil- dren with orthopaedic disorders continue to receive the best available management according to international standards, due to the devotion and passion of dedicated physicians, some of whom are sharing their experience in this issue of the journal. The increasing interest in basic and clinical research in the field, mainly in university settings, along with scientific exchanges with international leading figures in this domain from Europe and the USA have led to this high level special edition of the Lebanese Medical Journal.I can only salute, with a great honour and emotion, the extreme humbleness, kindness and friend-ship of the international authors from Europe and the USA who took of their busy schedules to contribute to the success of this issue, and I am deeply thankful to them on behalf of the Editor-in-Chief, the Editorial board and the Lebanese medical community.The painting on the cover page is a scene of street cleaning and reconstruction of Beirut after thedramatic August 4, 2020 blast, executed by the famous Iraqi artist Serwan Baran, and was chosen for its similarity with bone reconstruction in disabled children by dedicated physicians from various disciplines.

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