Clubfoot is a congenital deformity which isseen once in 1000 live births ; most often considered idio- pathic, a certain number of patients may have an associat- ed diagnosis. Clubfeet are best managed by the Ponseti method of manipulation and casting, and initially corrects the deformity in greater than 90 percent of idiopathic pa- tients. Yet a certain percentage of these feet resist the Pon- seti method and while undergoing the standard method de- velop characteristic features. Termed the “complex” club- foot, these feet are often red, swollen, painful and have fore- foot cavus with retraction of the great toe. When these occur, Ponseti recommended changing the strategy of correction. The purpose of this paper is to outline how we identify and manage the complex clubfoot.

Keywords : computer clubfoot, Ponseti method, idiopathicclubfoot.

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